House Visits can be easily arranged, phone 07775 602 545 to have a "no obligation" chat. More >>>

Find out about our PC Health Check and PC MOT offer.

Our Ratecard and Methods of working can be found here.

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How.we can help

Listen and understand

- Listen.understand

By listening to your concerns and thoughts, we can provide advice on how to proceed.
We are available on phone, email, text.

- Home / Office.visit

We have found that the best way to conduct our business is by paying you a Home or Office visit at a time to suit you.
We'll pop in and have a chat, and together decide what we want to do, and how to proceed.
Often, in a home environment, it is preferrable to take the machine back to our base where we can work on it. We'll stay in touch, and arrange a suitable time to call back. This also is a cheaper option to get work done for you.

Our charges for various jobs, offers and types of work can by found on our Rate Card page, along with a explaination of our PC Health Check and PC MOT offer.

All in all, we'll decide together the best course of action, so you feel confident that you know what service you are getting from us all along the line.

- Here to help