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Interesting.and fun Internet

Useful and smart

- Broadband.wireless and networking.

Broadband is widespread now, unless you live the darkest corner, or the remotest corner of the sticks. There is a plethorer of service offerings, including Mobile Internet. We can help you find you way through this maze of offerings.

If you feel stuck to the corner of the lounge that the telephone enters the house, then we can help with Wireless and Networking help. You should have access to the Internet how you want it, and not be tethered to a corner. You can be looking up recipies whilst sat in the garden ! - now that's freedom in surfing.

We can help with Home Networking, Security, Wireless and Home automation.

- Fun.and games.

Join a forum, browse local interest sites.
The list is endless.

- Safe.Family Web Browsing.

The Internet today is a wonderful information tool and a great learning aid. Schools expect our youngsters to be "Net capable", but as we know, even using search engines, we can easily see images etc that we wouldn't like our children to be seeing.

There are measures we can take to minimise your exposure to this darker side of Internet. We can configure your PC to take account of the "Best Practices" for these measures.

- Mobile.phones, iPhone, Blackberry.

Get your Smart Phone linked up with email, and office systems. It is a "Smart Phone" after all !

- Social.networking sites.

We'll show you how to get the most from Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in etc.

- NHS.Organ Donation.

The Wall of Life is a unique way of showing your support for organ donation. It is also an exciting new way for us to acknowledge and celebrate the hundreds of individuals who sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register every day.
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[ update ] - the Wall is complete. See

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